P-Shot® Procedure

For confident, responsive, long-lasting erections.

The P-Shot® procedure has changed the game for men seeking a pain-free, non-surgical way to enhance, increase, straighten, and rejuvenate their penis with just one office visit.


How Long Does It Take?

30 minutes

How Long Does It Last?

12 months or longer

How it works

Offered only by trained and certified P-Shot® providers, the Priapus Shot® uses a patient’s own platelet-derived growth factors (commonly referred to as Platelet-Rich Plasma) to stimulate local tissue healing, growth, and blood flow.

Comfort is paramount in this procedure, which uses numbing cream and a nerve block to eliminate pain.

Since this procedure uses your own blood, it begins with a small draw from your arm. Your platelets are then specifically isolated, concentrated, and prepped for the precise injection sites.

Once complete, the growth factors get to work, offering almost immediate results with zero downtime.

Who is this best for?

Men ages 35 to 70 who experience sexual dysfunction, dissatisfaction, or discomfort with erections (Peyronie’s disease) and who wish to eliminate or improve the effects of other therapies.

When Will I Notice A Difference?

Most men report an immediate and significant increase in size, shape, responsiveness, and duration of erections within 6 hours of the procedure and continue to see improvement over the next two to four months as tissues renew and improved blood flow is established. Many also report stronger, more intense orgasms—both for themselves and their partners.

What Are The Risks?

Your specific risks will be discussed with you by your doctor, but in general, this is considered a very low-risk procedure as long as it is done by a certified P-Shot® provider. Done incorrectly, the procedure could cause permanent damage. The specific protocol developed by Dr. Runels eliminates this risk.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Since numbing cream is applied topically before any injections are done and the nerve block is done with a very tiny needle after numbing cream, most patients report minimal to no pain during the entire procedure. Most of the discomfort of this procedure is psychological, a normal response to exposing and working on intimate tissues in a medical setting. (We are highly sensitive to this sensitive situation, and do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable throughout the experience).

How will I feel immediately following the procedure?

Most patients report feeling completely normal—and a little excited to try everything out. There is no post-procedure pain. With injections, there is always a small chance of bruising. Even when this rarely occurs, its effect is minimal and quick to heal.

Is It FDA Approved?

The FDA oversees devices and medications, it does not govern your own body’s tissues nor does it oversee the practice of medicine. All of our kits, devices, and medications are FDA approved.

Are there some conditions that make the P-Shot® less effective?

The P-Shot® will likely be less effective in men with long-standing erectile dysfunction from diabetes, men who are unable to get an erection at all (not even morning erections), and men who have ED caused by necessary heart medications. That said, “less effective” means different things to different people; actual results will vary and can be discussed with your cerrified P-Shot® provider at the time of your evaluation.

Who Should Not Have This Procedure?

Men who have already had a surgically implanted pump.

How Should I Prepare For the P-Shot®?


Do not take any NSAIDS medications (ibuprofen, aspirin 325mg only (the 81mg is fine), Aleve or Excedrin for 1-2 weeks before the procedure. Since the use of NSAIDS decreases the ability of the PRP to initiate the regenerative response, we recommend abstaining from these medications at least 2 weeks after the procedure as well.  Worst-case scenario, you will have a non-optimal response and may need to repeat the procedure much more frequently.


Trimming or shaving will create easier visibility for the doctor and a better experience for you during the procedure.

Failure to properly prepare and care for your procedure will result in a non-optimal response and a need to repeat the procedure much more frequently.

How much does it cost?

The P-Shot® Procedure is $1,900.

Is There A Bundle That Includes P-Shot®?

YES!  In fact, we often recommend combining the P-Shot® with Shockwave Therapy to trigger increased (and new!) blood flow in the “assigned” area. We also recommend an exclusive peptide regimen that not only enhances the P-Shot®, but, like Shockwave Therapy, also has its own benefits. Start the booking process here.


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