Symptoms of chronic inflammation, malnutrition, and toxicity can make diagnosis difficult—and healing impossible—if your doctors aren’t looking and treating where its needed. Comprehensive testing explains your past symptoms, treats your present, and extends your health into the future.


Discover your body’s unique micronutrient needs so you can fuel your body with its specific requirements in mind.


Uncover which foods and substances are triggering chronic inflammation and its related symptoms.

PULS Cardiac Test

Find out if you have the leading cause of heart attacks with a simple blood test.

Genova Heavy Metal

Determine if exposure to toxic metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum are harming your health.


Detect over 20 different types of cancer years before they show up on imaging.

Full Hormone Panel

Get a diagnostic look at your thyroid, testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, and more.

Inflammatory Marker Testing

Identify risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndromes, and more.

Genetic Testing for Lyme and Mold

Coming Soon!

Every day we’re learning more about the human body and the signals it sends when something isn’t working as it should. Advanced testing allows us to translate that “gut feeling” that something isn’t right into specific answers—and specific treatments.
— Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez